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As dick i man rubbed slept


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I couldn’t get to sleep. One of them blew out a mountain dew and dirt colored diarrhea cloud. Only in the last few months, i sometimes don’t get an erection when i wake up in the morning. Can this part of the penis be removed. At the ending when i was going to cum i saw my penis was starting bleeding i look down to my penis i got shock very badly shock i suddenly stopped and start cleaning my penis with water.

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Are you normal?

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As dick i man rubbed slept. When they try to pressure you to finish. If you want to email back and forth shoot me an email – lkin2gtsucked@yahoo. The clamp is left on for another 2-3 minutes before being opened up and removed. On the head of my penis i have red patches, it’s not sore or anything. But the problem is, you have absolutely no idea what the hell went wrong. *pick up and delivery accepted. We fell asleep like this cause we were both tired, then i was awoken to her grinding my now hard dick (probably hard because of nocturnal erections).


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And my ball are uneven. I’m having erection problem while seeing porn i’m getting erected and while sleeping and in the morning i’m getting erection but while fantasizing i’m not getting good erection. My life is back!!! after 8 years of marriage, my husband left me and left me with our three kids.

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