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Black suck letters


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I believe such statements are meant to make us feel more comfortable, but they actually do the opposite. I think white sites would be hated if the vast majority of sites were black. Hispanics received worse care than non-hispanic whites for about 60% of all core measures. White paper, whether glossy or matte, is a fixed cost per page, but ink is not.

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Readability and backgrounds (with color finder tool)Every product from suck uk


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Black suck letters. His tool is great, but i don’t need the compliance test and i’d rather have the text/background result at the top. Oh and yeah – websites with (very/mostly/a lot of) dark background completely suck in my oppinion too. But as a matter of practice, many lives are “more equal than others” when encountering authority figures and police officers, and americans of color (most especially black and native) are very disproportionately likely to end up dead in unarmed, nonviolent police encounters, when most white suspects — even if actively violent and shooting at the police at the time — are apprehended uninjured. It will fix the colors for you. You, however call others with a preference other than your own, “strange”. And not the best approach in constantly using the same term “suck” in every statement about dark websites.

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I cant stand a small intense rectangle of white when reading on my droid. Once transformed into a super reader, pig becomes alpha pig, with alphabet power.

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