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Causes of cat anal redness

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Treatment for a cats anal prolapse | cuteness

He only eats wet food and i am taking him back to the vet. Not sure what to do. So i cleaned him up and have been putting vasaline on when i can catch him. I’m very stressed and concerned that the vet did not notice this and if swelling of that size can grow that fast? he has blood when he defecates.


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Causes of cat anal redness. I have wiped it with wet toilet paper and she is greatful. I noticed today that his rectum is very inflamed and he has dried stool around the site and under his tail. I have de wormed her, she has all her immunisations and we feed her special 7 years plus cat sachets. He recently came back with pain in his anal area he’s constantly licking it & he cries if i touch anywhere near his tail. She isnt due at the vet for a week. He also seems to be rather “horny” tho he’s been fixed. Scooting is also the “go-to” act for your cat to attempt to relieve irritation from anal gland impaction or even protrusion, but worms are often the culprit.

Diagnosis of inflammation of the rectum and anus in cats

Mobile veterinarian seems like a good idea. I have a kitten i’m fostering right now and it’s anus looks to be inflamed. My cat mo is 17 years old has become thin and seems to growl when we pick her up.

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