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Deepest sex position

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3 powerful  sex positions for when you want deep penetration | sean jameson | yourtango

That’s definitely the deepest i’ve ever experienced. The latter has always been deeper for me, but i imagine it differs slightly for everyone. In this strange, new position, every sensation feels amplified. He then grabs you by your thighs and holds you tightly while he is thrusting into you.


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Deepest sex position. Definitely love the position where she lies on top face up. The angle of this position gives deep penetration and g-spot stimulation, says kerner. It’s like the grade-school wheelbarrow game, but naked and with fucking. Keeping her legs crossed in this fashion, she leans onto her back and puts her crossed legs up against the man’s chest as he lays towards her in the typical missionary fashion. So that, they can easily boost their sexual life.

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The shoulder lift

Get your ankles as far back toward your head as you can. Is that it makes penetration deep regardless of penis size. Just remember, even doctors don’t know that much about sex.

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