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Different ways to jack my dick

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23 ways to make jerking off even better

Masturbation is not bad; it’s completely normal. But before you throw in the stiff-as-cardboard towel, take solace in dr. You can watch watch vr porn using special virtual reality glasses and simulate exact actions you see on the screen. On a plane or on a train, reading a book or from a cook.


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Different ways to jack my dick. My advice as always. If you’re a dude all you need is a healthy dose of testosterone and curiosity – and maybe some lube. The most basic technique is simply to grip your penis in your stronger hand with your fingers underneath and thumb on top. But with only a little effort, you’re doing your taxes, you’re eating pudding, you’re braiding your hair, whatever. The general discussion forum is temporarily closed. What he told me was not pretty. Give your home entertainment center a rest or you’ll wind up with carpal tunnel syndrome.


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Dude, burping the nephew as often as you want will not alter the size of your home entertainment center one way or the other. Earth-shattering orgasms now require little more than an internet connection, a few batteries, an electrical outlet, or sometimes, even less. You owe it to yourself and to society.

How to masturbate for men: 12 tips on technique, toys, and more

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