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Father and naked and shower

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Yes, parents can shower naked with their kids and not make it weird | fatherly

I don’t really get this question. If you are uncomfortable with showering together you can stop it but there is no “right time”, so i wouldn’t feel obligated to end it if you doesn’t actually bother you. In photos where a child appears naked with an adult there are additional complications and there may be evidence of something of a double standard. Really, how about not showing your son your genitals! unless you’re a dirty hippie nudist, then carry on.

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Father and naked and shower. This is a beautiful image,” says another. I wasn’t prepared at all,” she says. Whitten says the photo sends a strong message of love to her son. And yes, it’s very common, even the norm, in some other countries such as japan. I had sex with woman at my office.

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It turns out she’s my mum. I see nothing inappropriate about what your sons and their friends are doing.

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