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Kurtis kraft midget parts


Kurtis kraft project: everything old is new again - rod authority

8 spark plug offy engine, fresh documented rebuild. Thank you for your subscription. Possibly late 1963 or early 1964. Hope you have enjoyed reading some of the history about the tom randol offy.



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Kurtis kraft midget parts. We think you might like. The engine is from an estate sale and the owner purchased it from norm frick out of colorado. Halibrand quick change rear end. These parts are readily available and can be sourced elsewhere. The simple fact is that components for pre-wwii engines are not as abundant and scarcity makes them more valuable. Keeping the project vintage was extremely important to me personally. Jelly wilhelm reproduction from original molds.



Obviously i needed to adjust my affordability scale for vintage parts compared to modern off-the-shelf engine parts. Original poster from the inaugural nascar brickyard 400 poster won by jeff gordon. Bonneville land speed record holder 165.

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