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Multiple orgasms for men


How can men train themselves to have multiple orgasms? - quora

You don’t have to explain more than that if you don’t want to. Louis would go on to turn kinsey’s survey into hard evidence. & trost, j. The longer the muscle is forced to hold back urine, the stronger the muscle will become.


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Multiple orgasms for men. We’re taught to look for them as babies. By mantak chia and learn to do ‘testicle breathing’, then learn ‘the big draw. The worst reaction was a woman with a child who shoved van voast into a police barricade. Data from interviews with 21 multiply orgasmic men are presented. Don’t laugh at him. But this is false, and having multiple orgasms means redefining the idea of what an orgasm really is.


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Just tell him that you’re not really feeling it, or that you have something else on your mind and aren’t in the moment. All we have to do is untrain that impulse. Men can actually learn to hold their orgasm and send the energy rushing back into their pelvic region simply by practicing.

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