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Full of energy, loves to play games, always smiling. Anyway, lee was staring at the front of my shorts. I was too stunned. There was no question jane was getting wet all over my lap. Then she did something and the hair disappeared.


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My nudist sister. Her eyes were lighter than eva’s, an amber color, but similar in shape. Our mom had long hair and after she died lee decided never to cut her hair again – ever. Wish me luck fellow pervs. After a full active day, the hot sun, a large picnic, that was the last thing either of us wanted to do. My sister’s naked butt was pressed against the bottom of my dick and her naked back was touching my chest. That was really nice for both of us because my dick was long enough to reach clear to her cervix in that position, and when she rocked the head dug into her cervix and massaged it. Her hair was in pigtails, one on each side, giving her a schoolgirl look.


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Her eyes were the same chocolate color as her mom’s, but their shape was a bit rounder. I actually tried to let myself come, and just get it over with, but i couldn’t do it.

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